Our Makers


Nolki is a design brand based in London that makes a bold design statement for consumers around the world. Founded in 2017, Nolki avoids the plain, the ordinary and the everyday; they make great products for those lovers of design who don’t want prints of flowers or unicorns or red phone boxes.

Zachari Home
The makers at Zachari Home aim to improve the everyday surrounding atmosphere, and transfuse a relaxing, yet inspiring tone. Their handmade organic candles are characterized by a high quality of ingredients and a unique scent, which will transform every space into your Home.



BaliExperience offers 100% organic, handmade soaps made with natural ingredients and care that is inspired from ancient recipes and methods of Indonesian Monks from the very mountain temples of Bali. All of the soaps consist of 100% natural, organic ingredients.

Sharon Feigal
Sharon Feigal is the artist behind the Spider Tangle Studios and the creator of unique, beautiful, handmade and functional pottery. You'll fall in love with the textures and colours of her ceramics and most likely you'll find an item that resonates with your inner vibration.



Djangel is a brand that was founded in Haarlem. "Our goal is to expand Djangel into an international brand that people will recognise, wear and collect. Our focus lies in creating unique fashionwear for the trendsetters", say the artists behind the brand.

At LamaboDesign studio the actual production process meets long-standing love for sculpture and design, combining both in the form of functional ceramics. The designs are simple, aesthetically appealing, and funny. Who said that a flowerpot can't have legs or that little green bears can't be climbing up your coffee mug?




Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Handmaids offers body balms and face care products prepared in small quantities to preserve maximum freshness and nutrition. Handmaids uses only the highest quality essential oils, herbal extracts, cold pressed oils and a range of natural ingredients, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Her designs are screen printed on different materials like t- shirts, coasters and postcards. Every print is handmade and most are limited editions.


MONEJ is a brand of accessories for modern men and women, which draws its ideas from nature. Each form, detail, and fabric is carefully selected and combined to create a unique accessory, carefully designed in the MONEJ workshop, produced by Lithuanian artists and delicately packed in environmentally friendly packaging.



Livka is a Romanian painter. She draws and paints with the same pleasure. She travels a lot and she likes to paint her journeys into the nature or in museums around the world.

KTCNFDC has real chances to become a big brand in the future, due to the trend sensitivity of the design snd style.



Wieske is a Dutch artist who makes illustrations and screen prints with the brand name Lur Lur.
Her designs are screen printed on different materials like t- shirts, coasters and postcards. Every print is handmade and most are limited editions.

It all started when two worlds met. Omid and Cassio met in Cape Town, South Africa in 2017. From the moment they met, they connected on their shared love for Africa, colours and of course, fashion.


Hong Kong-based luxury hat brand offering stylish, premium fits at affordable price points.


Frequency is an international brand selling wonderful clothing which is 100% organic. T-shirts, sweaters and more.


TJ comes from Tees and Joy, an alias used by two visual artists who send  unique, unconventional messages  with their designs. In fact, they like to  say that the result of their creativity turns into “wearable art”.


Alec is a cartoonist, whose unfettered, assured drawings and memorable punch-lines have made him known worldwide. He has a dark sense of humor and prefers messages devised to be interpreted in at least three ways.



Dan Frin aka Dan Frinculesco is an ad guy by day and a comedian by night. Or the other way around. He wore his first tee when he was 3 months old. The latest? He came up with it last night.


When she’s not working as an art director at one of the largest advertising agencies in the world, Miruna can be found reinterpreting various messages and iconic images. She thus creates entirely new designs, enriched by creativity and playfulness. Nice!




Alex is a graphic artist and cartoonist with over 15 years of experience, specialized in portraying art and one-line drawings. His artworks and bold, dynamic designs are charged with irony subtly conveyed through visual symbolism.


A jack of many trades, this ambitious and sophisticated American can talk hours about apparel design, fashion, photography, illustration techniques or typography. Inspired by old photographs and illustrations, Ben IK constructs intricate, humorous designs charged with modern significance.